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The Ropner Cargo team offer versatile and innovative ways of addressing transit and other cargo related risks. We are recognised for our expertise and experience in Cargo risks in all areas of the world, handling both direct and reinsurance placements.

Cargo - Inland and Ocean

Traditional warehouse to warehouse coverage for all cargo types being for annual policies or single movements, each policy incorporates bespoke wordings designed to address the exposures of each client specifically.

We offer expertise in a wide range of industries, including but not limited to:

Livestock / Agriculture, Multi-Nationals and Conglomerates, Wholesale Distribution / Importers / Exporters, Forestry / Pulp and Paper, Meals and Ores, Food Stuffs / Wines and Spirits, Hi-Tech Industries, Manufacturing, Excess Jewellers Block, Soft Commodities, Oil, Gas and Minerals, Transportation / Logistics, Air Spares Distribution, Automotive Industry, Bulk Cargo - Guaranteed Outturn, Fine Art / Specie and Jewellers Block.

Stock Throughput

Stock Throughput combines the global/domestic transit risks of a client with their stock exposures, whether they are raw materials, semi processed or finished goods.

the insuring conditions are on an 'All Risks' basis, in one customised policy wording that dovetails with the balance of a typical property programme.

The advantages of a Stock Throughput policy include but are not limited to:

Combining stock and transit exposures could significantly reduce premiums / One policy to cover interest through all points of activity / Better capacity for earthquake, windstorm and flood risks / Lower deductibles / Policy wording enhancements reducing the need for additional insurance coverages / Ease of policy administration / Premium adjusted using a single trading figure / No need for shipment or stock level reporting




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