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The occurrence of kidnaps is increasing, although the majority are never publically reported.  Traditionally exposure focussed in Latin America but is now worldwide, with high risk territories also including Africa, Asia and the Middle-East.  Corporates, who have a statutory duty of care to their employees, must pay specific attention to the risks faced, especially by staff based in or traveling through these high risk areas.

Victims of kidnapping can be held in extreme conditions and used as pawns to assist the kidnappers in achieving their aims.  These could be politically motivated, terrorist or criminal, but the outcome will always be highly stressful – the victim’s family and employers will find themselves in an unfamiliar situation where their actions can have life changing consequences and the financial costs can be very significant. 

A kidnap and extortion policy responds following a kidnap, extortion, detention or hijack, providing:

  • Financial reimbursement of costs and expenses incurred, including ransom payments

  • Support, provided by specialist response consultants who provide advice, expertise and assistance throughout the handling of the incident 

Due to the specific nature of the risk, strict confidentiality is maintained at all stages.




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