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We cannot control the weather and weather conditions can have a harmful effect on planned events.  Coverage is available for adverse weather and can be applied in a number of ways:

  • Weatherday – designed predominantly for short period filming, such as commercial shoots, where  filming must be completed within a day or a number of days and  failure  due to adverse weather, will lead to additional costs being incurred.  Coverage is usually purchased for reasonable photographic conditions, sunshine, wind or absence of precipitation

  • Event cancellation – certain outdoor events require specific weather conditions  (for example an absence of precipitation during a tennis match).  Coverage is often bought to cover the costs of cancellation, abandonment or postponement if the event cannot be completed

  • Weather downtime – generally used within construction projects, where the use of certain machinery is limited by the weather conditions (for example wind speed),  which leads to delays and additional costs

  • Sales promotions – sales promotions can be linked to weather conditions.  For example, buy an engagement ring during January and the costs will be refunded if it snows on Valentine’s Day

Coverage for such policies must be arranged at least 10 days before the event taking place.




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